Garden Mile 8pc Giant Ground Stakes – Garden Outdoor Use – Hooked Galvanised Heavy Duty Steel – Ground, Anchorage Stakes- Tent Pegs – Suitable For Marquees Gazebos Tents Polytunnel Greenhouses


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  • Ground Stakes- These heavy duty large hooked ground stakes are perfect for pegging down large tents/gazebos/marquees etc. With a variety of available uses these durable stakes will stand the test of time and allowing you to undertake many jobs in and around your outdoor space with ease and confidence.
  • Sizeable -With a handy friction grip ribbing these pegs are extremely heavy duty and designed to hold down the biggest and heaviest things. Much better than non-ribbed ground pegs
  • Hardwearing – These pegs are fully galvanised meaning they will not rust in wet/damp conditions making them tougher and more durable than non-galvanised ground pegs.
  • Multi-Use – Due to their large ultra-strong and durable nature these pegs are suitable for many different uses from standard camping tents and awnings to large gazebos marquees and polytunnel greenhouses and garden trampolines.
  • Specifications – Pack of 8. These large ground stakes measure in at H 30 x L 9 x W 4cm approx. Made from Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel with multiple uses