diy garden 4m x 6m Clear Polythene Polytunnel Plastic Sheeting 75mu/ 300g Waterproof Greenhouse Roof Panels Foil Hothouse


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  • Easy Using: Helps to protect plants from bad weather frost bird and many more. Also helps you to grow plants earlier and extend the growing season. Keeps plant for healthy growth.
  • High-quality Material: Made of high quality PVC the greenhouse is corrosion resistant and durable. 100% waterproof and UV-resistant features make your plants absorb more sunshine and provide enough room for your plants to grow. Convenient for ventilation and sunlight; easy to move.
  • Foldable Greenhouse: Foldable greenhouse for easy to store and no place to occupy.
  • Cold protection: Protect your plants from cold winds and blizzards. The garden conservators can provide a more comfortable space for your plants. Protect flowers plants vegetables and fruits from worms and birds. Can also be used as a dust cover to protect your furniture.
  • The polythene sheeting extremely popular for gardening use this great-value polythene sheet is also ideal to help protect outdoor equipment from the wind and rain for covering broken windows and for general use within building and construction such as protecting areas and flooring from dust and rubble.