Cyclaire Fence Panel Wedges (20 pack) Fence wedge that really does stop Fence Panels Rattling or Banging


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  • Fence panel wedge that is easy to install to stop loose fences rattling or banging in the wind
  • Made in the UK by Cyclaire. Beware of imposters (from China) on the listing purporting to sell the same thing: they are not. Pack of 20 posted quickly by Cyclaire
  • Simply push the fence wedge into place (or tap with a small hammer) between the fence panel and the fence post the fence is gripped and stopped from banging or rattling in the wind
  • Strong plastic construction that will probably outlast the fence panel itself
  • Also a security improvement through making the fence panel harder to remove Rid your garden of the noise of a loose or rattling fence with Cyclaire fence panel clips. Works well with Cyclaire fence panel holders