BillyOh Lincoln Wooden Frame Greenhouse – Polycarbonate Glazing – Garden Greenhouse, Small, Medium, Large Wooden Green House, Mini Durable Shed Greenhouse (3 x 6)


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  • STYLISH DESIGN: With a traditional wooden design this greenhouse is stylish and will compliment any outdoor area.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Built with a sturdy timber frame the greenhouse is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and is built to last. Base Included
  • POLYCARBONATE: The windows and walls are made with strong polycarbonate allowing natural lighting and heat to help plants grow.
  • SPACIOUS: The Greenhouse is mid-size with lots of space to grow plants and making it easy to move around inside tending to them.
  • DOUBLE DOORS: Wide-opening double doors make it easy to move in and out of the greenhouse without any struggle.