3pk Garden Trellis for Climbing Plants 150cm x 30cm, Expanding Garden Trellises, Trellis for Fences, Wall Trellis Fence Panels Garden Trellis Fence, Garden Trellice, Wall Trellis Panel


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  • Landscape Your Garden – Use these Trellis Fence Panels to grow more plants in your garden. Set it up such that growth in two dimensions is possible therefore possible to plant more. Attach to fence panels walls and more
  • Lovely Climbing Plants – Happy healthy plants that can climb in comfort displaying there leaves and flowers transforming your garden spaces with their beauty
  • Have Healthier Plants – Growing plants with these garden trellis allow all plant parts to get exposed to the sun therefore promoting faster plant growth
  • Easier to Prune & Maintain – These Garden Trellises make pruning plants easier giving them a better chance of survival and allowing them to climb away from dangers below
  • Made from Natural Wood – These trellis fence panels or garden trellis are made of quality wood and are highly resistant to different weather conditions. [44cm x 11cm when retracted expanding up to 150 x 30cm when fully extended]