Stone Paving

There's no paving finer than natural stone; it's been used for thousands of years and represents one of man's earliest technologies - the ability to make a traversable pathway. It will outlast all of us, every unit is unique, it's a natural product with texture and colour determined by millennia of geological processes rather than modern chemical dyes, it's incredibly strong, hard-wearing and if all that wasn't enough, it's also beautiful.

There is no real substitute for natural stone. It has a character and a life of its own which cannot be matched by cast products. If you are looking to improve the environment you live in and add value to your home, then the natural choice is natural stone.


Used as paving in Greece, Italy and Turkey since ancient times, travertine stone has its own unmistakable character. Our Travertine Paving is quality natural stone, tumbled to produce an attractive smooth surface with a varied texture of fissures and craters.


The resurgence of interest in slate as a modern paving has seen new products come onto the market. The key features of colour and texture remain, but now we have a much wider choice of formats. Randomly-sized riven paving for a cottage garden patio remains popular, and rightly so, but regular sizes are preferred for more modern styling, and by mixing colours, chequerboards or more involved layouts can be created for use as patios or even for conservatory floors.

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