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There are many British decorative aggregates available, silver-grey and pink granites, black and green basalt’s, red porphyry, cream Cotswold, light grey-white limestone, heather blue and green slate a variety of flint mixtures, calcite and many more. All providing a different variety of attractive finishes. Some are quite famous while others probably not as quite well known as they might be. All together, they provide a variety of size, colour and texture far greater than the often more expensive imported materials.

With over 20 different gravels ranging in size from 10mm upwards, and colours from polar white gravel imported from Spain, multi colored apricot gravel from the orient through to more locally sourced gravel from Staffordshire there is bound to be a gravel to suit your taste.


A selection of our gravel and chippings

Picture-1.jpg Gold coast 20 mm Picture-2.jpg Gold Coast 10 mm
Picture-3.jpg Gold Flint 10 mm Picture-4.jpg Natural 20 mm
Picture-3.jpg Gold Flint 20 mm Picture-4.jpg Staffordshire Pink 14 mm
Picture-3.jpg Natural 10 mm Picture-4.jpg Natural 20 mm
Picture-3.jpg Welsh Green Picture-4.jpg Terracotta
Picture-3.jpg Cotswold buff Picture-4.jpg Derbyshire White
Picture-3.jpg Cornish spa Picture-4.jpg Multi Mix
Picture-3.jpg Spanish White 14mm Picture-4.jpg Spanish White Pebbles
Picture-3.jpg Spanish White Cobbles Picture-4.jpg Atalntic Pebbles
Picture-3.jpg Atlantic 40 mm Pebbles Picture-4.jpg Atlantic 80 mm Pebbles
Picture-3.jpg Atlantic 120 mm Cobbles Picture-4.jpg Plum Paddlestones
Picture-3.jpg Blue Slate Picture-4.jpg Green Slate
Picture-3.jpg Plum Slate