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water FeatureWater adds another dimension to any garden, the sight and sound of running water lifts and relaxes you even after the most stressful day.
At gardeners world our water features are selected for quality, style and value. Our range is carefully sourced from high quality manufactures and importers to ensure the highest standard. We are constantly searching for new ideas, fashions and inspirations.

Over the past few years we have built up an extensive range of features from high grade polished stainless steel to create a contempary, modern look, and intricate hand carved pieces of solid granite to more natural drilled slate monoliths. All our features are chosen for maximum impact.

Underwater lights bring out the best in fountains, spurting figures and pond plants too. In order to create a colourful effect, we have a range of l.e.d. lights that can be used to enhance your water feature.

water feature lights.jpg

We have many features working in our display areas. We also stock a large range of pumps, sumps, underwater lighting and mist makers which can make a fascinating addition to any water feature or pond.