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Nothing increases the beauty of a home like a garden. A Beautifull patio that can complement your house perfectly is quite a spectacle. To make your patio look even better, you have to ensure that everything looks neat, and that your garden features the proper lighting. With the various effects you can create for your garden and patio with lights, there are few other things that compare to help you on your way to create the perfect outdoor setting.  cube light on deck.jpg

    Choosing the Lighting

  1. There are a variety of light types available that you can use in your garden. There are lights for every budget, and can be as economical in terms of electricity as you want. The major types of lights you can use for your garden are deck lights, LED garden lights, recessed lights, underwater lights and exterior lights which you can use on your patio or the driveway. Look them up and choose the one that best fits the style you want for your garden.
  2. Styles of Lighting

bollardlighting1.jpgThe most important thing about garden lighting is that it must complement your surronding. In this, the style you want for your garden is extremely important. You can virtually have any kind of effect you want, so make sure that it suits your garden, and the style of your house. Here are a few styles you can apply to any garden.

Path lighting includes spotlights leading from one area of the garden to another. You can create a marvelous effect by putting the lights at the right places.

Step lighting helps mark out the steps and other locations in your garden that might be a little unsafe in the `brick` light1.jpg 

Up lighting is used to highlight the best parts of your garden.

Down lighting is used to create a more natural effect. You illuminate lights from the above, so it looks like your garden has natural lighting.

Euro lighting is a new and trendy style, perfect for gardens that show your individuality.


Marine lighting requires underwater lights, and is specially designed to light up all the water areas around your garden, such as a pool or a pond.

glass step blue.jpgShadow lighting creates a dramatic effect by casting shadows of plants and flowers on a wall.

Lighting isn`t just limited to the garden, By using tiny l.e.d. lights there is no limit to where you can use them, With more and more people using them to make an atractive feature of decked areas or driveways.

drive lights.jpg