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Garden fences are not only used to provide a boundary between two houses, but also to provide a safe haven for the budding flowers and plants in the garden, from 'invaders' (typically, animals and birds). You may also make use of a fence in order to hide something unwanted in your garden, from outsiders' view. Garden fence designs are available on a wide range, from the costly to the economical ones. Make sure that the chosen type of the fence complements your home and the garden, perfectly. We stock a wide range of traditional and contemporary fencing and screening ideas to suit all you garden needs.standard fencing 1.jpg


If the fence is to highlight an area, welcome visitors or simply add to the landscaping; think along decorative lines. Fences of stone with a metal gate will be a warm welcome and coordinate with a walkway or the front of a cobblestone house. Wooden fences add charm to a simple flower garden.

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 Garden feces can fall into two basic categories: keeping things out and providing aesthetics. Combining these two uses for a garden fence does not mean a trade-off. In fact, there are a number of economical materials available that can serve both functions. Some fences may be doable in a single weekend. Other types of fences may take years to finish. The end result is dependent upon the garden and the ultimate use for the fence.