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Block pavingstandard-block-paving has become the most popular paving landscaping paving material choice for domestic and commercial driveways, patios and pathways throughout the UK and beyond. Block-paving is available in many different paving designs and colours making it easy to choose a colour of block paving that matches your house or surrounding area. It easy to take up block paving and relay if any underground maintenance is carried out to your block paved driveway by the utility boards so you should not be left with any unsightly scars on your block paving. Concrete block paving or clay block paving will enhance the look of your home as well as adding practicality with the availability of 50, 60 and 80mm sized blockpaving to suit all block paving applications no matter what size of vehicle is to be parked on your block paved driveway.



No one wants the look of thier new drive spoilt by an unsightly galavanised manhole cover, this is why we stock a range of recessed manhole covers wich offer a seamless and tidy solution and leaving your drive looking good whilst still offering access to the drain ~splendid!





Standard blocks with recessed manhole cover