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Welcome home! The driveway is the first thing people see of any property – an extension of the home itself. A well chosen driveway complements the house and garden – spelling 'a warm welcome' and 'pleasure to be home'. If and when the time comes to sell, a driveway will surely add value and buyer appeal.

All the quality of tumbled block paving with the added opportunity for creativity, thanks to a mixed crocodile– size pack. Four different block shapes which allow for unique designs – so pleasing on the eye and available in range of colours to suit any setting. As with the tumbled blocks these are manufactured 'nibbles' - as a result they are laid without gaps to keep weed growth to a minium.


grey brown multi random.jpg

random-block-1.jpg4 size savannah random-block-2.jpg4 size multi brown
random-block-3.jpg4 size brindle random-block-4.jpg4 size charcoal

We dont just stock random tumbled paving in concrete, we also stock it in natural products such as slate and natural stone.


tumbled slate block paving.jpg